The development in the field of modern construction is aimed at creating solutions that are convenient for customers. The skillful use of landscape elements is primary concern. Water management is an important element, closely connected with the expansion possibilities of using water for drinking and also with construction of facilities for its purification.
Company EPUR - Belgium is leading manifacturer of wastewater treatement plants with fifteen years experience in the field. Its products are developped in a number of modifications (from 5 up to 2000 PE - equivalent residents) in order to adapt to the particularities of each area and needs of each user.
The three main components of each wastewater treatment facility are: concrete or plastic tanks, bioreactor and compressor for air supply.
Produced under the requirements of Directive 91/271/EEC concerning waste water from settlements - the products of EPUR: BIOPLAST, BIOKIT are complying with European Directives CE 91/271 - 21.05.1991, 98/15/CE - 27.02.1998 and NF EN - 12255 - 7, as well as reglamentation 06.05.1996.
With regard to the Bulgarian legislation, they are regulated under the requirements of Chapter III of Regulation №6 of 9.11.2000 on the emission standards for levels of harmful and dangerous substances in wastwater discharged into water bodies, based on the number of equivalent residents in urban areas.
Company Tricom-V Ltd. - Varna, is official representative of EPUR for Bulgaria and offers and performs installation of these facilities with unique technical solutions and advanced principle of maximum work. Maintenance does not need appointment of an expert technical person. The facilities are cleaned on the principle of septic tank once every two years.

Main components

А – Modul for pre-treatment of waste water;
В – Biological reactor;
С – Modul for final distribution of water through the secondary sludge;
D –Buil-in camera for control and taking samples;
Е - Indicator for mainenance need;
F –Visual alarm and air supply compressor;

Main principle of treatment

All source waters of the complex shall be conveyed to the first volume - module (A), where are conducted the first three stages of purification: separation of water, skimming, pre-bacterial digestion. Furthermore, under the gravitation, the waste water is head to the water module (B) consisting of biological reactor. Here are exected the next two stages of treatment: oxygen enrichment; absorption of harmful substances by feeding them bacteria. The final stage takes place in the module (C) and represents final distribution of source waters by precipitation of secondary clay.

The processed water is clean with guaranteed technical indicators covering imposed by European legislation standards

Technical passports

Wastewater treatment
Technical passport - 1-5 PE facility
Technical passport - 15-19 PE facility
Technical passport - 600 PE facility
Technical passport - 1850 PE facility
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Pricelist of wastewater treatment facilities by EPUR - Belgium

1. Mikro-wastewater treatment facilities with plastic tanks
BIOPLAST 1-5 PE - 5 600 BGN
BIOPLAST 6-9 PE - 8 500 BGN

2.Микро-пречиствателни станции с бетонови вместимости
2.Mikro-wastewater treatment facilities with concrete tanks
BIOKIT 05 PE - 3 100 BGN
BIOKIT 08 PE - 3 360 BGN
BIOKIT 14 PE - 4 200 BGN
BIOKIT 20 PE - 9 350 BGN
BIOKIT 30 PE - 15 650 BGN
BIOKIT 40 PE - 18 350 BGN
BIOKIT 50 PE - 20 150 BGN
All wastewater treatment facilities, as well as their main components meet the requirements under regulation for waste water from settlements - Regulation №6 from 9.11.2000 GN №97/2000 and European norm NFEN 1255-7e

The price does not included transport and installation, upon request they shall be specified further.
The price does not include construction of concrete tanks for BIOKIT series

All price are VAT excluded and valid until 31.12.2013
Note: For facilities with a capacity more thant 50 PE (up to 2000 PE) - hte price shall be given after request with specific customer needs.