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French stretched ceilings appeared on the market for interior design solutions more than 20 years ago. "NEWMAT" are one of the leaders on the market since then. The company work to promote its products in over sixty countries worldwide. Everyone, from leading architects to common spectators, recognize that the ability to create unique technical and aesthetic solutions is avaliable due to the structure and the main components of the stretched ceiling. The french stretched ceiling consists of cloth tightened from wall to wall according to the dimensions, the size and the shape of the room. Elastic "NEWMAT" ceilings are suitable for interior solutions, renovation and original performances.

The flexible structure, which is attached to aluminium or PVC profiles, allow the realization of many-dimensional shapes. Straight or arch-shaped walls, stretched PVC ceiling offers an acoustic solution and sound insulation too.
The offer a great solution of the well known technical problems with excellent aesthetic result for an amazing home renovation. Right sized, they are suitable for any area of any shape, any situation for any room.

Moreover, in keeping with the architecture of the room, the french stretched ceilings create additional comfort characteristic of high-tech materials, with decent quality for consumer's criteria.


- Improve thermal and acoustic comfort of buildings
- Aesthtetic comfort: clear and beautiful surface
- Liveable spaces, a new sense of comfort
- Laque ceilings creates a feeling for spaciousness and light
- Stretched to the walls they offer a pleasant sensation of upholstered furniture


- They allow creative solution for your repair works, elegant combinations and aesthetic results
- Their speedy installation does not require basic reversal of the furniture
- Neutralize the known technical problems with standart ceilings
- Can be fitted under the old ceiling
- PVC ceilings are convinient for wet rooms


- In harmony with the decor, optimize design
- Fit every lifestyle and every space thanks to its rich variety of shapes and colors
- More than 300 different types
- Laque variants reflect the furniture
- With opportunities for combination of different colors and shapes in the ceiling
- Capable of printing graphics and photos directly on the ceiling or wall


- Reveal possibilities of creativity
- Offer unlimited design solutions
- Suitable for any place, any shape, any situation in every room
- Enable the realization of 3-dimensional shapes


- With an option to embed any type of lightning, thanks to the technical implementations of NEWMAT
- Light, in combination with semi-translucent canvas, create fully illuminated ceiling

Environment care product

With a respcet to the environment - low energy process - production of 1000 m2 NEWMAT ceiling require just 180 kg and volume of 0.10 m3 (compared to wood ceiling with same size - 50 m3 wooden trunks)
Long life
Subject to 100% secondara treatment - they are not toxic (comply with European and International standards)


10 years manufacturer's warranty
Excellent ratio between quality and price: excellent long investment
Does not require any special maintenance
Have insulating properties: reduce space heating requirements
Protect underroof wooden, metal or concrete constructions


Not affected by moisture and condense
Suitable for places with high humidity
Can be poured with water (swimming pools, baths, sauna)
Do not let water leaks; protect the premises by collectin the water in the form of pocket until technical intervention to resolve the problem. Then the ceiling restore its original condition once again.

Phonic insulation - Acoustic

Improve acoustic comfort, thanks to the current airspace above the ceiling
Special acoustic versions enhance, in combination with other insulation materials, complete suppression of acoustic

Thermal insulation

NEWMAT ceilings create airspace, that prevents condensation and creates thermal insulation, creating extra comfort with its properties of thermal conductivity.


Consist of material with moleculary memory
Recover shape and tautness after the initial deflection
Regain its original shape after any manipulation on their surface


Supply: France,NEWMAT catalogue Supply:France, Germany catalogue Deko®
Laquee 60 - 80€/м2 69 - 79 лв/м2
Mat 50 - 70 €/м2 59 - 69 лв/м2
Dekor 70 - 100 €/м2 88 - 118 лв/м2
Produced: France, NEWMAT Produced: Bulgaria


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